Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favorite Weather: Drizzle

Everyone seems to make a big fuss about the first snow of the winter - so why not equally celebrate the first rain of the spring? I do not understand why we aren't more eager to see water-specked windows and those little rivulets that form en route to drainage pipes below street curbs. Rainy days are objectively better than snowy days; here are three good reasons to believe this.

  1. On a rainy day, a person may feel just as good about staying indoors with books and cups of hot tea as she would on a snow day; she is fully justified in giving herself permission to remain inside. However, God does her one better on a rainy day because she is additionally free from worrying about the looming prospect of shoveling the driveway / sidewalk in order to eventually leave.
  2. Rain cleanseth, whereas snow covereth over. Rain is therefore more beneficial and less deceptive than snow. Rain even mitigates certain problems that develop as a result of heavy snowfall, such as the salt residue that ends up on, well, almost everything during a midwestern winter. 
  3. Rain is like the joyful tears of angels in anticipation of the new season of growth and life in the world. Snow is like dandruff falling off their heads, which they scratch in befuddlement while trying to gain an insight into God's inscrutable decision to counterbalance the life of the world with a season of cold, death, and scarcity. 
So there you have it. Here are even some pictures of rain in different places around the world.

Chicago, Illinois

Paris, France

New York City, New York

The Taj Mahal, India

Petra, Jordan

Seattle, Washington

The Ocean, Unspecifically

The Great Plains, American West

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Lima, Ohio

Redwood Forest, California

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Utrecht Canal, the Netherlands


  1. I agree, but I don't want to get too excited for spring when it is still February and thus I am afraid to get my hopes up for fear of them being crushed by ice.

  2. (the picture of the boundary waters makes my breath catch. and I agree with Alyssa. not even close to spring. yay for february...)