Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today, it got blessed by Dr Gauthier from Church of the Resurrection (well, ideally, blessed by God, but Dr Gauthier facilitated). We prayed blessings out of a little booklet over each of the rooms and Dr Gauthier would sprinkle holy water over them. I guess this is analogous to my change-of-address with the post office yesterday, just with God. I will take my forwarded abundance at this location from here on out, k thanks.

Also, there is a gang of wild turkeys that roams around our neighborhood, searching. For what, I wonder? Who knows. But one thing I do know about them is that sometimes they like to block our driveway. I would never approach them in anything smaller than a sedan. They look fierce. Perhaps, with the house having been blessed, we will one day wake up to their having been domesticated by the Holy Spirit, who would additionally give them a desire to live with us as pets.

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