Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pointers for Getting the Mail

  • Stand back
  • Shake the mail just in case
  • Wear more than what you slept in but don't dress up
  • Costumes are allowed
  • You're not obligated to tip anyone for it (the mail)
  • The things that require a response from you will not go away if you ignore them
  • Greet your neighbors if they are also outside, getting their own mail
  • Don't go out of your way to greet your neighbors
  • Don't follow your neighbors into their houses to greet them
  • Check first for turkeys
  • If the turkeys take you by surprise when you go to get your mail, remain calm
  • If necessary take the car
  • If someone sees you take the car to get the mail you will need to go somewhere else too


  1. - if you get the mail you will have to put it on everyone's beds
    - but you will get to see it sooner
    - most of mail is ads and bills (bad) but also personal things (good)
    - if you want to get the mail in your car you will have to approach the mailbox so that it is on your left
    - even if you remember it's on your left you might accidentally not think about it enough and approach from the wrong direction, in which case you will have to either a) reorient the car and hope no one is watching, or b) just go where you're going and get the mail later and turn on some music so you can forget you goofed
    - if you just checked the mail then there is no more mail
    - but maybe there is more