Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chapter Two: Beginning Work

So: tomorrow, I begin the first day of an intensive three-day training program for my new job. It is going to be great! But I am nervous. It is downtown and I won't know anyone else there. I just hope I don't prove myself to be a total idiot on the first day. Or second or third, for that matter.

Also: according to the contract I signed, I am apparently not allowed to write anything about the company I am working for, and will have to take down an image I posted recently of its logo. From here on out, I will have to deal only in the vaguest generalities when I write about anything work-related. I figure that this could be pretty fun.


Here are a couple of quotations which have become personally meaningful to me in this season of life.

"We read to know we are not alone." - CS Lewis

"What happens to a... man to whom all things seem possible and every course of action open? Nothing of course." - Walker Percy 


How would a horse in a horse trailer feel if the truck the trailer was attached to stopped at a light, and next to the horse's trailer was another horse trailer, but when the horse looked over at the other trailer the only thing the horse could see in it was a whole bunch of furniture? I will explain the relevance of this question at an appropriate time. 

Love you guys. The ones of you I know, anyway. Especially the commenters. 


  1. From a cold-hearted, no-nonsense biologist's perspective, I would say that the horse, having very little capacity for any sort of abstract thought, would feel very little outside of the ordinary stress of being in a trailer and carted around.

    From a far more whimsical perspective, I might fancy that the horse would suppose that to be his (or her if she's a mare) eventual fate because horses are slightly thick and are capable of so foolishly thinking that horseflesh can be transmuted easily into wood. Although maybe the furniture is constructed entirely of ungulate bones in which case it is a legitimate concern for the horse. Alternatively, the horse may believe that he (or she) occupies the same level of importance and function/utility as a collection of lifeless and altogether inanimate objects of convenience to humanity at large.

  2. I propose you develop an elaborate and obscure code!

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  4. @Dan: sorry, last comment too close for comfort