Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Haps

  • I have completed my first five days of training
  • Sunday and Monday, we are moving out of this house and into an apartment
  • Then we will be able to get library cards (hallelujah)
  • Also we will have access to a fitness center, replete with walls of mirrors and a sauna
  • Furthermore, that is hopefully when we will return to purchasing groceries
  • I'm working on a better post about power and being cool 
  • Great Expectations opens this weekend at Arena Theater, so if you're around Wheaton you should see it
  • I'm reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, and it is wonderful. If you're into whimsy, beautiful descriptions and characters that feel more real than some of the people you know, you may find this worth your while 
  • Having a job is excellent for this reason: 
    • Tomorrow I actually have a day off
      • I get to decide how I want to spend it
      • There are many things that would be worth doing, and I may actually do them
      • Writing is one example
        • Possibly fiction, which would go up at my other blog
        • It is called "little forays into fiction"

So I feel pretty good about where my life is today; things are going well in a lot of ways.

PS I gave up on non-sequiturs, as you may have been able to tell.

PPS My friend Tim: he is good. He understood Mulholland Drive on his first viewing. Recently we carved a pumpkin together, and a friend's dad was there, and he said to her later: "they were such a cute couple." To be clear (since this question has come up a few times, and I don't know exactly why) Tim and I aren't a couple. And if you know why this comes up so often, please let me know.


  1. How come nobody ever thinks we're a couple?

  2. And my stepmom knew who he was referring to without needing clarification.